Indian River Lagoon

Our non-negotiable regional priority must be keeping our waters pristine for our children. Achieving this involves every stakeholder playing their roles.

The waters surrounding our community are vital to the quality of life for both the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches. I believe I am prepared to help deal with this issue because part of my degree at Harvard University was earned in Environmental Studies, specifically working on watershed and green infrastructure. These are irreplaceable treasures and they must be protected. I also became a Water Ambassador for Martin County.

As your Congressman I will aggressively pursue a seat on the Committee of Transportation & Infrastructure. I will be advocating approval of resources for our Army Corps of Engineers District to complete all projects affecting the Indian River Lagoon and our beaches. I will also work to strengthen the partnership between our local, state, and federal agencies to upgrade our septic tank and storm water runoff systems.

I will pursue natural and green approaches for both draining excess water from Lake Okeechobee, and removing the nutrients for waters in the Lake. An integrated engineering system of water farms, floating wetlands, rain gardens, and the restoration of naturally flowing water south must be continuously monitored to preserve our beautiful marine ecosystem.