“I will serve you in Congress like I served you on the battlefield”

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Serving my country is all I ever really wanted to do. It runs in my blood from my father to my uncles. My wife Brianna and I pray that one day our children will find the same passion. I am humbled and honored to fight for you as your Congressman from Florida’s 18th congressional district. I strive to serve you in Congress as I did on the battlefield: without regard for personal gain or personal sacrifice.

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On The Issues

Fighting For Clean Water & Protecting The Environment

The most important issue for our community is the devastation of our water.  This impacts everyone: businesses forced to close, people getting sick, animals killed, and our environment destroyed.  Health and safety needs to be made a top priority to prevent these discharges.  Our work in this area is not about one party or any […]

Making Healthcare More Affordable

There’s no doubt the rising cost of healthcare caused by Obamacare has burdened American families and created a massive increase in bureaucracy resulting in less choice.  In fact, Martin and St. Lucie counties now have only one provider on the individual exchange. We need healthcare in the United States that increases choice and enables Americans […]


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